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My goal is to help people make themselves a priority. I am a firm believer that happiness, confidence, and success comes from taking care of your mental and physical health. That is why I became a nutrition and fitness expert. I have a bachelors in Clinical Nutrition from UC Davis, am a certified personal trainer, and a group exercise instructor.

My number one goal is to make taking care of yourself quick and efficient enough to fit into your busy schedule. Whether you work 80 hour weeks, a parent, student, or all of the above there is time to take care of yourself. Everytime you come to my website or any of my social channels I want you to leave with information that can make working out or eating healthy THAT much easier. Efficient, sustainable, consistent, and enjoyable habits that will help you reach and keep your goal forever.

Not only will I provide information and resources to help you achieve a healthy life but I am living it with you guys. With coaching my clients and trying to keep up with my professional hosting career I understand the stress of taking care of yourself. That is why I have built a community of like-minded people so we can help support each other through. Thank you for being here… now let’s get to work.

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