Staying on Track During a Holiday

Guilt Free Holiday

Happy Memorial Day beautiful people! We are celebrating those who sacrificed everything for our freedom. Thank you to all of the military personnel who not only lost their lives fighting for us but everyone and anyone who has ever served/currently serving our amazing country. Now, Memorial Day is usually filled with a lot of drinking and eating and I am here to tell you thats okay. I bet you thought I was going to tell you to not have fun? Nope, not my style.

As you know by now I am an advocate for creating a lifestyle you enjoy and having a cocktail and delicious food is a part of it. First things first, don’t feel guilty for enjoying some food and drinks. Guilt and remorse is part of that unhealthy lifestyle and the first step is to stop shaming yourself. Go into today making it a choice to eat and drink what you want. Give yourself permission to have fun and do not beat yourself up the next day.

Listen To Your Body

Just because you choose to partake in Memorial Day festivities doesn’t mean you have to be all or nothing. Here are some tips to follow today:

  1. Drink 2 cups of water for every alcoholic beverage you have
  2. Load your plate up with protein first
  3. After protein, pack your plate with veggies and fruit
  4. Stop eating when you are full
    • This one is the most important. You do not need to finish your food. Walk away and save it for later.
  5. Exercise or stay active during the day

No More Restriction

After you enjoy today do not start restricting and punishing yourself tomorrow. Head into the week with a clear conscious. Exercise, hydrate, and practice moderation. Remember if you need more personalized help feel free to reach out to me HERE! Slow and steady wins the race and restriction loses them.

Start working 1:1 with me NOW!