Diet Restrictions and Cleanses

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There will be a lot of recipes, workouts, and tips to help you stay on track with your health goals. The tip we are talking about today is overindulging during the weekend and ‘getting back on track’!

No More Punishment

We have ALL gone through that diet cycle… Monday through Friday we CRUSH it. You hit 5 days of hard workouts, drink your water, no alcohol, and you basically only eat lean proteins and vegetables. Then Saturday brunch hits (ahh remember the times when we actually were allowed to go outside and be social with our friends)… you start drinking, eating your life away, and the entire weekend becomes a blur. Cue guilt and shame about everything you just did. Sound familiar? Here is how you break the cycle!

That overly restrictive week is causing the over eating during the weekend. When you force yourself to do something, rather than actually enjoying it you will eventually go overboard. The key is not cutting out entire food groups, going on any fad diets, or punishing yourself with exercise. Instead, try slowly introducing healthy habits into your daily routine so you can create a new lifestyle that becomes normal.

Make it a Choice, Not a Requirement

Food quality is of great importance so aim for 85%+ of intake to consist of nutrient dense foods. Check out my protein, carbohydrate, and fat food list for some ideas. Please pay attention to how foods are making you feel. That is another key thing… make it your choice, not requirement, to limit foods that make you feel terrible. We are all children at heart. When we tell ourselves ‘we are not allowed to have something’ (I.e. cake, pizza, ice cream, alcohol) GUESS WHAT… you will want it even more, ha! This leads me to my next point. Moderation and portion control will help you never ‘start over’ again.

If you are craving pizza during the week, enjoy a slice or two, NOT four or five slices. Try pairing it with some extra grilled chicken and a salad instead of wings and breadsticks. A healthy lifestyle is about making compromise not a full on sacrifice. I know you are probably reading this and thinking it is way easier SAID than DONE and you are right. Creating a healthy lifestyle is tough but it is one of the most rewarding things you can ever do. Remember to start small.

Setting Goals

So for this week try something different. Choose ONE thing to change. That can include: reducing the amount of sodas you drink, going on walks, drinking more water, and/or eating more protein. Remember if you need more personalized help feel free to reach out to me HERE! Slow and steady wins the race and restriction and cleanses lose them.

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